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Medical reports

The obligations of The Iron Clinic (UK) Limited, its employees and agents shall cease upon delivery of their Report and whether or not their Report forms the sole basis of any advice, prognosis or treatment/management decisions, no liability whatsoever, either direct or indirect, shall rest on them for the interpretation of the contents of the Report or for any advice or prognosis given or treatment/management decisions made.


Data Protection

The Iron Clinic aims to comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and medical confidentiality guidelines.

If you have any concerns about data protection at The Iron Clinic or would like further information, please email info@theironclinic.co.uk

Patient Information

At The Iron Clinic we provide a personal, unhurried and confidential service. We will always try to give you an appointment at the time of your choice and if for any reason you cannot attend our clinic we provide a mobile service for the majority of our tests.

All our staff work to the same high standards of care and we all follow the same philosophy.

You can arrange an appointment without a medical referral or you can be referred by your employer, GP or consultant.

All of our investigations are competitively priced.


All patient information is handled and stored according to the Data Protection Act. As a patient, you are entitled to the notes we store in line with the Data Protection Act.


It is the policy of our clinic to respect the privacy and dignity of all our clients. If you would like a chaperone to be present during any tests performed by our doctor or nurse, or if you would prefer to be examined by a doctor or nurse of the same sex as yourself, please let us know and we will do our best to comply with your wishes.