What is iron deficiency..

If the iron levels in your body are low you can become iron deficient this is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. In women iron deficiency can be problematic due to heavy menstrual periods and is following pregnancy.

Over time, iron deficiency can mean that your body makes fewer healthy red blood cells, a condition know as Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA). There are many symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, however one of the main signs is feeling fatigued or exhausted because your blood is less able to transport oxygen around your body.

If iron deficiency is not treated there can be long-term consequences for your health. Fatigue and other symptoms of iron deficiency can also adversely affect your quality of life and reduce your ability to concentrate and be productive at work.

Treating Iron Deficiency..

The Iron Clinic specialises in the provision of intravenous iron infusions; there are several options for the treatment of iron deficiency including diet and tablets. Our highly trained staff are experts in giving intravenous iron infusions, providing the necessary medical treatment in private comfortable surroundings.

Worldwide, intravenous iron is common practice with over 30,000 injections every month in Australia, for example. It is very effective in women’s health to rapidly correct iron deficiency and anaemia with proven benefits include, vitality, increase quality of life, benefit hair growth, and also improve exercise ability. Intravenous iron is also beneficial in many illnesses associated with iron deficiency and anaemia, such as; heart disease, cancer therapy and patients undergoing operations.

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  • It has been really easy dealing with the Iron Clinic in every step of the process. I feel that the iron infusion has already made a difference, which is very promising.

    Ana Moreno Gascon
  • The team were extremely helpful with fitting me in last minute. I felt very comfortable and happy with the experience, and I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits!

    Caroline Parkin
  • So happy with my appointment at the Iron Clinic. Friendly and relaxed environment helped me feel at ease. The team are clearly passionate about the treatment and where happy to answer allof my questions. Excellent. Highly recommend.

    Sally Darwin
  • Everyone was very attentive and reassuring. The consultation was good and very informative about iron deficiency. It was great to have acknowledgement that my symptoms were (likely) iron deficiency related. I could have talked through more about them. The end result so far though has been amazing – I feel like someone cleaned my glasses!

    Bridget Fenn
  • Very helpful and reassuring when I got anxious.

    Rebecca Turner