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Booking an appointment

We are a private clinic specialising in intravenous iron infusions for patients suffering from iron deficiency and anaemia. Regardless of whether you know you have iron deficiency, or whether you’re concerned you have the symptoms, we can help. Patients can book directly wit The Iron Clinic and we also take referrals form healthcare specialist.

The first step of the process is to attend for a Consultation with one of our specialist doctors. This is important as it is necessary to review every case, the blood results and undertake the necessary history behind the cause of iron deficiency. The consultation will also provide information on your choices as well as all the information about the iron infusion, potential benefits and risks. We also provide information and guidance, particularly in follow up to ensure that the cause of iron deficiency is managed with a clear plan. Following this, we will organise your booking  for an IV Iron Infusion (usually within days).

If you are insured, this is a similar but different administrative process, please take note of our Insured Section below (this is dictated by the insurers not us!).


Blood tests

We require you to have a Full Blood Count and also Iron studies (Ferritin). The test needs to be current i.e. to have been undertaken within the last 6 weeks. It is also useful, but not obligatory, that you have a full screen for Thyroid, Liver, Electrolytes, B12 and Folate (ideally within the last 2 years). If you require a blood test, we have a partnership with Randox Heath (the leading provider of blood testing within the UK). Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a test for you prior to your consultation (at discounted rates). We receive the results directly into our system so your assigned doctor can review prior to your appointment with us.


Video Consultations

All our consultations are with one of our experienced doctors and are undertaken online as a video call. The length of the consultation is 30 minutes.  The consultation includes a full detailed discussion to go through your blood results and your treatment options. The aim of the consultation is to prepare you so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to attend for an iron infusion. We are proud to deliver the highest standards of care and aim to create an environment where you feel reassured, confident and informed during the whole experience.

If you require any advice prior to booking an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best way to contact us, is to complete our Enquiry Form which guides you through a series of questions which help us provide you with a comprehensive response to your enquiry.

Click here to complete our Enquiry Form.

Alternatively you can email us directly at (please include your blood results) or call us on 020 3875 8171.


Insured Patients:

For patients wishing to pay through their medical insurance, please find details of how to do so below.

The Iron Clinic specialists currently operate our insurance service within One Welbeck clinic, W1 London. The insurance company will need to book under ‘One Welbeck’ not ‘The Iron Clinic’

To book we will require your:

  • Name, address, DOB,
  • Insurer, Membership Number and Authorisation Code for a consultation with either Professor Toby Richards, Consultant ID 15780, or Dr Ravi Rao Baikady, Consultant ID 20300.


If you have any issues obtaining authorisation, please contact One Welbeck directly. Please note The Iron Clinic does not have authority to sort out Insurance queries on behalf of One Welbeck.


Top Tips:

It is worth noting that insurance companies have fixed policies and processes (also discounted payment rates)

The insurance companies may well require you to have a GP/ specialist referral for a consultation and/or iron infusion. The Iron Clinic cannot do this for you.

If you do not have a referral, you can attend The Iron Clinic for a self-funding consultation and use the consultation report as a referral letter for the iron infusion. It may also be possible to seek retrospective authorisation for the consultation (and hence reclaim the consultation fees) however this is in no way guaranteed.

Bookings are coordinated via the self pay or insurance centres.

The Iron Clinic (self-pay)
101 Harley Street
London. W1G 6AH

T 020 3875 8171


The Iron Clinic (Insurance)
One Welbeck
London. W1G 0AR

T 020 3875 8171


To book

please email us with a copy of your blood results.



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