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Iron Consultation

by Toby Richards | 08 May 2020

What is included in an iron consultation? Identify symptoms of iron deficiency Discussion on recent blood results from the last 8 weeks and how those apply to the symptom experience Identify the cause of the iron deficiency and suggest ways to limit the cause from reoccurring Explain the mechanism of

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How much iron do I get?

by Toby Richards | 06 May 2020

  Your body normally has big reserve stores of iron (3000 – 4000mg in total). If #irondeficiency you are probably functioning on 30-50% of your iron stores, so you will be down by about 1000mg – 2000mg. To put this in perspective, your body has several years of iron in

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Iron Deficiency and Gut Health

by Toby Richards | 04 May 2020

The link between iron deficiency and gut health Iron is only absorbed by cells in the gut that grab iron and actively transport it. The cells preferentially absorb haem iron which comes mostly from red blood cells in meat. Plant based iron must be converted into haem iron for it

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Facts about iron deficiency and anaemia

by Toby Richards | 02 May 2020

The facts #Anaemia is a top 10 disability in the world as defined by WHO It affects 10-15% of people in the high income countries It affects 40% of people in low income countries The commonest cause is #IronDeficiency, this is due to poor diet, or in #women due to

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Pregnancy related iron deficiency

by Toby Richards | 30 April 2020

Pregnancy related blood loss Women at higher risk of developing iron deficiency through #pregnancy and #labour are: #miscarriage followed by quick subsequent pregnancy #antepartum or #postpartum #haemorrhage 2 pregnancies within 3 years 3 pregnancies within 5 years The #brainfog, #hairloss and #lowmood can all be signs of iron deficiency.  

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Iron deficiency explained

by Toby Richards | 28 April 2020

You have 3000-4000mg in the body and only need to absorb 4-10mg a day. It can take 3-7 years to develop #irondeficiency. Iron deficiency is indicated by #Ferritin < 16 and transferrin saturations < 18% – when this low you can become #anaemic Hb<13 with small red cells MCV<80. At

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Reactions to intravenous iron are rare

by Toby Richards | 08 October 2018

An iron infusion is as safe as any other infusion True anaphylaxis used to happen with the older iron dextrans from the 1960’s/1970’s. These products are no longer used. However, there is a huge hangover and fear confusing everyone (doctors and patients). With new preparations reactions are rare, but as

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Short of breath and exhausted?

by Toby Richards | 28 September 2018

Professor Toby Richards features in the film and is a vascular surgeon for The Iron Clinic. London Live – Living with Heart Disease

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#iron #anaemia – Popeye was wrong!

by Toby Richards | 27 September 2018

First step in treating #iron deficiency #anemia is a good well balanced diet – rich in #iron Meat is rich in (haem) iron that is easily absorbed (10%). Plant iron (particularly leafy veg) has iron but it is not well absorbed at all (only about 1%) The best options are

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Iron is important in women’s health – brain fog!

by Toby Richards | 21 September 2018

Many women are treated for depression before they are found to have #irondeficiency #anaemia . #Iron is an important nutrient for keeping you healthy. Iron is needed to carry oxygen in your blood around your body, to give you energy and help you concentrate. Low iron levels can lead to

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Eating ice?

by Toby Richards | 14 September 2018

Not many people know about or own up to this one, A desire to eat ice – several cups at a time, it’s quite common in people with #irondeficiency. The technical name is Pagophagia, a form of Pica, this being more a general term for the need to eat strange

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How much iron do I need?

by Toby Richards | 07 September 2018

The body normally contains 3000-4000mg of #iron. Daily losses are minimal (1-2mg). #irondeficiency can take several years to slowly develop, often due to increased losses (heavy periods 30-50mg per months or pregnancy (the baby takes 1200mg) or reduced absorption (#vegetarians, poor diet, #IBD, post bariatric surgery) #Irondeficiency means you are

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Heavy menstrual bleeding is the commonest cause of iron deficiency and anaemia

by Toby Richards | 31 August 2018

HMB affects 1 in 4 women and can be identified by 2 of these symptoms: – Change protection every 2 hours / 12 x in a cycle Double protect Need to get up at night Fear of accidents Passage of clot If you have HMB get your Iron levels (Ferritin)

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