Iron is important in women’s health – brain fog!

Many women are treated for depression before they are found to have #irondeficiency #anaemia . #Iron is an important nutrient for keeping you healthy. Iron is needed to carry oxygen in your blood around your body, to give you energy and help you concentrate. Low iron levels can lead to #Irondeficiency which puts you at risk of a condition known as iron deficiency anaemia, where the number of healthy red blood cells in your body is reduced. Its the low iron that causes the symptoms and brain fog is common associated with anxiety and inability to cope.

As a woman there are times when you are more at risk of not having enough iron (during periods) or when you might need extra iron, such as during pregnancy and after giving birth. You may also need to think about the iron levels of your children at certain times, especially during growth spurts and when your daughter starts her periods. So, whatever stage of life you are in, iron should be an important part of it.



Author: Professor Toby Richards

Mr Toby Richards is a Professor of Surgery at University College London. He has pioneered anaemia management and intravenous iron therapy in the UK. His underlying belief is that optimising patient’s health and fitness before surgery will improve their recovery and benefit their outcomes. He has embedded clinical research and development into all areas of practice.

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