Will be booking in another transfusion as soon as it’s needed. Thank you to Caitlin, I couldn’t have had better care leading up to as well as after my appointment. Absolutely brilliant!

Angela Zendel

I was warmly welcomed and seen very promptly despite arriving about 45mins early. It was quickly decided that an infusion would be beneficial and I was soon hooked up to the IV and receiving treatment treatment which was great. The facilities were clean, spacious and very pleasant.

Nicola Wilson

The Iron Clinic is advancing and supporting this particular issue, which is a very important pillar of our health.

Upneet Ashish

Very helpful and reassuring when I got anxious.

Rebecca Turner

The team were extremely helpful with fitting me in last minute. I felt very comfortable and happy with the experience, and Iā€™m looking forward to reaping the benefits!

Caroline Parkin

Thank you very much. Professional, informative and friendly staff really put my daughter at ease.

Amy Farrell

It has been really easy dealing with the Iron Clinic in every step of the process. I feel that the iron infusion has already made a difference, which is very promising.

Ana Moreno Gascon

Excellent service. Fast and detailed to response to all my questions. Appointment and treatment arranged quickly. Most importantly the iron IV was simple, painfree and so far very effective.

Alexandra Hale

Everyone was very attentive and reassuring. The consultation was good and very informative about iron deficiency. It was great to have acknowledgement that my symptoms were (likely) iron deficiency related. I could have talked through more about them. The end result so far though has been amazing – I feel like someone cleaned my glasses!

Bridget Fenn

The overall ambience was a mesh of professional, light hearted, knowledgeable and convivial.

Scott Knight