We are a private clinic providing intravenous iron infusions for clients suffering from iron deficiency and anaemia. We are proud to deliver the highest standards of care and aim to create an environment where the client feels reassured, confident and informed during the whole experience. We accept referrals from doctors or healthcare professionals but also welcome direct approaches from patients themselves.

Please email a copy of your blood results to  info@theironclinic.co.uk

You may be well aware of their iron deficiency or others just concerned that they have the symptoms.
In order to book an appointment, please can you email us a copy of your blood results Full Blood Count, Iron studies (Ferritin) that have been taken with the last month, also we ask that individuals have a full screen for Thyroid, liver, Electrolytes, B12 and Folate in the last 2 years. If you can get these from your GP or we can organise for these to be done for you locally.

We will review these and get back to you and discuss these results and confirm an appointment. Since the lockdown we have found that offering an online video consultation works very well. This enable people (especially those coming form outside London) to have full detailed discussion and go through everything associated with an iron infusion. So when they come to clinic they are fully prepared and know exactly what to expect.

We also offer ‘one stop appointments with a consultation and infusion at the same time (please allow 90 minutes)

All consultation fees are payable at point of booking.

Bookings are coordinated centrally.

The Iron Clinic

101 Harley Street
London. W1G 9QY

Book an Appointment

To book please email us info@theironclinic.co.uk with a copy of your blood results.

The iron infusions are at:

The Iron Clinic
101 Harley Street
London. W1G 9QY

T 020 3875 8171
E info@theironclinic.co.uk


The Iron Suites Medical Centre
160 Robinson Road #04-11,
SBF Center,
Singapore 068914

The Iron Clinic Cape Town
Room 1521,
Christiaan Barnard Hospital,
Cape Town, 8001