Professor Toby Richards 

Professor of Surgery

Director of The Iron Clinic

Mr Toby Richards is a Professor of Surgery. He has pioneered awareness and treatment of iron deficiency and anaemia management. He is specialist in intravenous iron therapy for over a decade and has overseen more than 2000 infusions at The Iron Clinic. His is a practicing surgeon and leads clinical research into how iron therapy can improve mental and physical health for patients. He has embedded clinical research and development into all areas of practice.

Prof Richards has numerous publications on anaemia management with broad reaching impact including national guidelines from the department of Health, NHS Blood and Transplant, AAGBI, British Society for Haematology. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences to promote anaemia management and intravenous iron therapy.

Prof. Richards leads several clinical trials on intravenous iron therapy both in the UK and Australia focusing on patient welfare, fatigue and quality of life including specific trials in women’s health.

His research profile can be seen here


Dr Rao Baikady

Consultant in Anaesthesia

Clinical Lead of The Iron Clinic

Dr Rao Baikady is a Consultant in Anaesthesia, at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK.  He initiated the Royal Marsden anaemia management program with intravenous iron infusion, blood conservation strategies and education for health professionals. He has over a decade of experience in intravenous iron use and a world leading expert and advisor on iron infusions.He developed ‘The Marsden Protocol’, enabling a one stop full treatment dose of iron for patients in one sitting, that has become adopted internationally.

Dr. Rao Baikady actively promotes evidence based practices on anaemia and haemorrhage management. He is a key opinion leader on anaemia management in major surgery and has probably overseen more intravenous iron infusions in this setting than most in the UK. His research projects include peri-operative anaemia management, cardio pulmonary exercise testing and evidence based management of major haemorrhage.


Dr Moya Kelly

Senior GP

Dr Moya Kelly is a senior GP with a special interest in women’s health. She has been a GP for 25 years and also teaches at Cambridge University Medical School. She has specialist training in gynaecology as well as psychiatry and paediatrics.

Dr Moya Kelly is passionate about promoting women’s health and well being in all aspects of their lives. Her interest in Iron deficiency anaemia developed as a result of seeing many of her own patients with this condition. She has recognised that improving the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Iron deficiency is A COMMON unmet need ESPECIALLY IN WOMEN.


Dr James Uprichard

Consultant Haematologist

Dr James Uprichard is a consultant Haematologist and specialist in anaemia management and blood transfusion. He qualified at University College London and trained in London where he undertook a PhD thesis in rare bleeding disorders and blood clotting.

Dr James Uprichard is a consultant haematologist to St George’s hospital. Since 2011, he leads the blood transfusion service and management of bleeding in patients with major trauma. He has extensive experience in treatment of anaemia (including iron infusions) and. working with patients who wish to avoid blood transfusions (including Jehovah’s Witnesses).

Dr James Uprichard is a member of the NHS National Blood Transfusion Committee patient blood management working group and a regular speaker at national and international conferences in haematological, including the management of anaemia and intravenous iron therapy.


Dr Caitlin Scott


Dr Caitlin Scott qualified as a GP from The University of Cape Town, South Africa, with over four years’ experience in hospital and private general practice. Her passion is for women’s health and also as mother of two has enabled a deep understanding and empathy for women and their need for good mental and physical health. Since moving to the UK in 2017 Caitlin has been responsible for running the Iron Clinic, and established a wealth of experience in intravenous iron therapy to patients of all ages.

Dr Caitlin Scott manages your pathways from first contact, your inquiries and questions before coming to The Iron Clinic and your follow up. Caitlin is an invaluable and well liked part of the team caring for you at The Iron Clinic.

She is also participating in a number of research projects looking into the symptoms of anaemia and iron deficiency.

Our team..

The team here comprises world leaders in the role and use of intravenous iron. They have carried out extensive global research into the use of intravenous iron to treat iron deficiency and anaemia. Our Experts lead in pioneering treatments and collaborations exist internationally in Europe, Australia, America, South America, Singapore and Lebanon. They advise to the UK Department of Health, NHS Blood & Transplant, British Blood Transfusion Society, Association of Anaesthetists amongst many others. They have given over a hundred invited international presentations in the last five years. Iron infusions offer a rapid treatment for anaemia.

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